Growing Up without My Daddy

Reminding little girls that they are love, loved, and lovable even in the absence of their daddy

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3Dbooktransparentbg copyWhen a little girl’s daddy is not a part of her life, everything changes. He isn’t there to take her to school or bring her home. He isn’t there to play with her or help her look for lost toys. He doesn’t tuck her in at night or tell her bedtime stories.

Though the little girl misses her daddy very much, she is learning that he loves her the best way he knows how. What’s more, she knows that God is her true Father and He will always keep her safe and loved no matter what.

Growing Up without My Daddy shares a story of being fatherless through the perspective of a little girl growing up in a big world without feeling the unconditional love and security of a father. This children’s book seeks to help parents guide their little girls through healing the hurt and pain of growing up without their fathers so that they will aspire to become loving and confident young women.

What Readers are Saying About Growing Up without My Daddy

“This book speaks to the heart of every little girl who had to grow up without the attention of a loving and caring father. Angela Adley has opened her own heart and shared from her truth with honesty and love. This book offers hope to every little girl who simply wanted her daddy’s love.”— Angela Carr Patterson

“I absolutely love it! This book is going to be profound for a lot of young girls. I pray that it reaches the hearts of everyone who reads it. Salute to you my friend! So glad you followed God’s voice, and were obedient to what He wanted you to share.” —Katrina Washington

“As someone who grew up without a relationship with my dad, it really spoke to me on a deeper level. I appreciate being able to see that even though one part was missing from life. I was still whole because I am loved and lovable through my relationship with God.”–Tonia Hogan

“I love your book! It makes me want to be there for my children 24/7. Thanks for healing so many wounded kids out there.”–Mr. Ekpo

“Fantastic book. So proud of you. I would have loved to have had this growing up. I’m sure it will help many. You are a blessing for sharing.”–Stephani Pierce

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