Why is forgiveness so difficult? In the past, forgiveness has been a difficult task for me to extend. I had believed that I had the right to hold onto grievances that left me hurt and disappointed by those that I loved and cared about. I felt that if I forgave then it allowed them to be free from guilt, or blame. Often, I felt that I needed to blame them for the negative feelings and emotions that I had experienced as a result of their actions, words, or poor choices.

However, my new journey has led me to see and know that when you decide not to forgive you then are making a decision not to love. Ultimately, when you choose not to love, then you become locked and stuck into ways of interacting and showing up in your life; ways that do not allow you to live your life authentically and fully.

Through my own experiences, I have grown to learn that we must not harbor guilt, or blame onto others for the challenges, hurt, and disappointment experienced in our lives because that negative energy that we hold onto consumes our lives, and begins to show up in ways masqueraded as things that we don’t know exists which causes even more challenges, hurt, and disappointment.

Thus my new journey and one that I encourage others to move toward is a path that does not blame anyone for the challenges and hurt experienced in your life. I urge and challenge others to choose forgiveness and thus demonstrate love, despite your injury, which is far more difficult than choosing not to forgive, and thus demonstrating no love. We must all take responsibility for our lives and move forward by unlocking a new way to being through love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

When we learn to forgive, we learn to love, and when we can learn to love unconditionally only then will you be able to live presently, consciously, freely, visibly, and fearlessly. Ultimately, you will begin to see people, and life through a lens that encompasses only love.

Remember that we must all learn to let go, and let God. You don’t have to control anything because God has the ability, and the power to fix what is broken. When your space is open, God will come. Learn to be exposed> to be vulnerable will lead to an open heart.

Forgive, as God forgave you. His model is what we are to follow.

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