Recently, I became involved in Angela Carr Patterson’s Heart Secret Project which allows woman to share their own unique stories with others. It was important for me to share my heart secret through this forum because it allows me to personally release hurt and pain that kept me locked and stuck into ways of interacting and showing up in my relationships and in my life. I want other woman to learn to show up in love and life fully- something that I struggled with for so long.

I also share my story because today I have a new journey, and that journey is about taking responsibility for my life and moving forward by unlocking a new way to being through Angela’s principles of love, acceptance, and forgiveness. I too want to share and inspire other woman to share their own unique heart secret because I believe that we all have a unique story to tell, and a story that others can learn from. Mostly though, I believe that it is our responsibility to ourselves, and to other woman to share our heart secrets so that we can assist others to grow and heal their hearts.

The Heart Secret Project is beginning soon, so if you are interested in sharing your story check out and join us in this journey to growing and healing hearts around the world!

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